On 15-16 July we celebrated 25 years in Poland. congratulations to Peter and Mathilde for their efforts to create bridges between cultures during this past quarter-century. It was an international celebration of music and culture. We had people from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine – and of course people from various parts of Poland. Lamine from Senegal was a key part of the entertainment with his Djembe music. Local band Fonike Fare provided additional African flavour to the event. Traditional Polish music was provided by Rybniczanki from our own local municipality.


Djembe Workshop

Activities kicked off with a Djembe workshop on Saturday with Ma Lamine proving to be a wonderful teacher for our guests. Thank you Lamine!

We finished the day with a meal together and music and talk by a camp fire. And then there was Sunday…

Peter and Mathilde showing their rhythm
Lamine with Fonike Fare

The real party began on Sunday.

Above: Dancing and music with Lamine from Senegal and Fonike Fare from Jelenia Góra.

Right: Rybniczanki entertain the crowd.

Belgian Scouts

In the true spirit of Nemoland we saw Lamine perform alongside Rybniczanki providing a melange of European and African culture.

And let’s not forget the contribution of the troop of Belgian scouts who provided not only singing but a funny skit about the troubles they had finding Nemoland in the wilds of Lower Silesia and the experience of meeting their host – Peter. (The kneeling scout is a goat of course!)

In support of Ukraine, our friend Ola from Opole held workshops making helmet camouflage nets for the brave fighters in Ukraine. Pictured here with Ola are the some of the enthusiastic scouts from Belgium.

We would also like to thank the various vendors who came selling hot and cold meals as well as other local produce including:

  • Paczka Izerska local organic produce, came with a variety of groats and flour, vegetables, preserves, herbs and locally made vegan pancakes
  • Słoik.pl with fresh, vegan food, in catering to take home and in jars
  • Gospodarstwo Rolne Chandelle Kinga Okaj Agroturystyka with juices, syrups, vinegar, goat milk products, lavender breads and more
  • Dodaj Natury with homemade herbal mixtures
  • Ecological goat cheeses from Nowa Kamienica (Tel. 786 207 205)
Nemoland Jubilee

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