Some of the artifacts on site.

See a variety of African musical instruments and other artifacts.

Try the musical instruments yourself. Participate in music workshops at special events.

Learn about African culture, stories and rituals.

At the exhibition presented in Nemoland (Kopaniec-Miedzylesie 5, Stara Kamienica), you can admire the richness and diversity of African art. There are sculptures, paintings, textiles, jewellery, masks and musical instruments.

The exhibits reflect the continent’s wealth of history, tradition, religion and culture, as well as its complexity and dynamism. Exhibited in less formal conditions than in museums, they come from the collections of private enthusiasts and collectors of the Nemoland association.

A visit to the collection can not only be a tourist attraction of the Iser Mountains, but also become an important part of cultural education and the promotion of diversity. The art of artists from Africa is very rich and diverse, referencing the continent’s tradition, religion, politics, society and aesthetics.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the beauty, diversity and originality of African art, and perhaps also to prompt reflection on Africa’s history, spirituality and current challenges, and to promote intercultural dialogue. What the exhibition organisers want to point out is a departure from the stereotypical perception and assessment of African artworks as mere exotic or decorative features.

They want to point out that despite its difference from the art of the so-called Western, it should be judged in aesthetic, artistic or even visual terms, using mythology as a tool to understand present African culture.

The exhibition can be visited every Sunday from 1pm to 6pm and on request. Free admission.

Nemoland Jubilee Festival