• Logical Thinking Workshop
    The educational offer included puzzles, robotics and a little owl game like a simplified chess – this latter offering was invented by Monika herself. On Sunday 23 July, Nemoland hosted a workshop on logical thinking. While the workshop was aimed at children we noticed that the adults also had a lot of fun. The event was run by Monika Sawicka from Akademia Logicznego Myślenia i Matematyki – in Opole. (She’s on the far left in the photo below.) You can find them on Facebook or visit their web page.
  • Nemoland Jubilee
    On 15-16 July we celebrated 25 years in Poland. congratulations to Peter and Mathilde for their efforts to create bridges between cultures during this past quarter-century. It was an international celebration of music and culture. We had people from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine – and of course people from various parts of Poland. Lamine from Senegal was a key part of the entertainment with his Djembe music. Local band Fonike Fare provided additional African flavour to the event. Traditional Polish music was provided by Rybniczanki from our own local municipality. . Activities kicked off with a Djembe workshop on
  • Nemoland – 25 Years in Poland, Jubilee Festival
    Poland Meets Africa Nemoland Saturday/Sunday July 15-16 2023 For 25 years Nemoland has been a crossroads of cultures. Nemo celebrates this with traditional music, dance, expo and film from Senegal and Mali (north-west Africa). An introduction to a culture in which nature, spirituality and art are intertwined. DANCER AND DJEMBE PLAYER MA-LAMINE Senegalese-born Ma-Lamine developed his musical talent in Africa, using traditional music and dance from Mali, Senegal and other countries. He performs at many festivals and concerts and leads workshops for groups. He is coming to Poland for the first time to open the Nemo African Centre. It offers

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