We would like to invite the readers of all ages, to our English library. Our extensive offer includes picture books for the youngest readers, a great offer in teen and young adult category, classics and bestsellers of fiction, a large selection of sci-fi and fantasy, mythology, Polish-English dictionaries, popular science, self-development & social issues, unschooling & education in nature.

Reaching over 1000 books in total, this constitutes our private collection, both unique and attractive in comparison with the selection available across local public libraries.

Regulations for using our library, as well as the link to access our online catalogue where you can search for and reserve a book, can be found below.

Our plans include development of the library as a center of promotion of readership and discussion. We would like to open a book club to cater for:

  • the youngest: by reading to a group by our native speakers
  • the more advanced readers: by hosting discussion sessions that offer full immersion in language and a possibility discuss burning issues at the age of cyber culture, information overload and climate emergency.

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact us.